ANI Network

We are living in a scenario where Internet is no more an option for us. In this era of advancement and competition worldwide, ANI NETWORK Internet Services is making use of most efficient and most effective technologies in order to meet the expectations of the clients and customers in Ballabgarh. We are a leading brand services provider for seamless and flawless Internet connection and broadband services. Our wide range of services includes:

DATA SERVICES  : We are the leading provider of high speed internet connection and have wide range of plans based upon user’s requirement of usage and speed. We have different solutions for various speed ranging from as moderate as 256 kbps to as high as 10 Mbps. Not only the speed is a factor, our prices are unbeatable and unmatched. For unbeatable prices and packages, we are the name to rely upon. Our internet plans are capable of catering to all types of demands, all sorts of network sizes, home, schools, hotels, restaurants etc.

Our networking and broadband services primarily focused to provide fixed and reliable broadband services to various areas of the city.


We also provide lease line services. The lease line is a contract in between service providers, clients that combines two or more locations in a month. This contract also enables to share the rent.

Get a centralized Wi-Fi internet facility for your space. It is popular hot spot technique that uses electronic device to exchange data and make connection the internet wirelessly.

Why Choose ANI NETWORK Internet Services ?

  • We provide quick speedy internet connectivity for offices, homes and professional uses.
  • Our round the clock customer services are available to handle your issues and problems anytime
  • Uninterrupted connection for continuous hours
  • Easy upgrade and degrading of your plans for your vivid and dynamic needs
  • Custom plans and easy services
  • Broadband and wireless Internet connection
  • Wi-fi Hotspot for societies and other areas
  • Money back guarantee
  • Quality and excellence are our USPs