ANI Network

ANI NETWORK is the one stop destination to search Internet Service Providers (ISP) and buy or renew internet plan online according to your need. Find the best suitable ISP and their plans according to your location. It very easy to search just select your location and know the different vendors providing internet services and also you can compare different plans giving you best results out of it. Don’t wait start searching your best option only on ANI – Connecting People. Our mission is nobody has a bad internet service experience.

ANI NETWORK was established in 2002 as a Internet Service Provider(ISP) company at the city of Faridabad. We started as one stop solution company, offering product & services related to INTERNET TECHNOLOGIES

Internet with blistering speed.​

  • Genuine Broadband Speed.
  • Always on Internet.
  • No Disconnections.
  • Parallel/standby links at all locations.
  • Redundancy of link with bandwidth from multiple ISP’s.
  • Complaint Attending – IMMEDIATE.
  • NO dedicated telephone lines required.
  • No expensive cable modems required.
  • No Limit on Download/Upload, depending upon plan speed.
  • Faster, Economical & Reliable.